Sunday, October 16, 2016

Anxiety and stress

Hi loves,

Exams are coming up for me and I am completely stressed out. There is so much to do, but there is so little time. Horrible! Here are some ways I like to reduce stress if I am stressed out.

1. Remember stress is in no way helping you. While stress can be extremely beneficial in short term processes such as running competitions or boxing matches, it is actually very harmful for the rest of your body. The hormones released don't only target the heart and muscles, but they are very unspecific and so can end up anywhere in your body. Too much stress causes your digestion to temporarily slow down, which leads to reduced bowel movement. And.. the last thing you want while being nervous is a painful stomach! Remember to calm down every so often and really do it, you'll be grateful for it.

2. Drink some tea and listen to calm music. Don't opt for coffee as this as a lot of caffeine that raises anxiety and stress hormones, just drink some tea and listen. Focus on the words in the music and let go of all the tasks you still have in front of you.

3. Something that is really beneficial for reducing stress is cuddling with animals. Large levels of Oxytocin, or the 'cuddle hormone' are released by the brain which makes you calm and content. If you don't have a pet, ask a friend/neighbour if you can borrow their dog to go on a walk. Do make sure the pet you choose likes to cuddle, because you don't want to get bit.... Causes more stress you know?

4. Do something that you absolutely love. It can be anything; singing in the shower, going for a run, drawing, reading, just get absorbed into a thing you really enjoy to do! Chances are you will forget about all your tasks/things that are coming which make you nervous.

5. Think about ways the task/event will benefit you. Anxiety is there because you care for something and you are scared it will go wrong. By changing your mind around to the positive side, you can really help yourself reduce stress.

Don't get too anxious loves, life's to be enjoyed, not wasted by stressing,

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Favourite Songs for Fall ♥

Hi Loves,

Here's a follow-up for my fall Essentials because I think music is so lovely it deserves its own post :). So here are the songs I have been listening to (and loving) lately.

1. Still Falling For you - Ellie Goulding. After going to Bridget Jones's Baby, where I heard this song for the first time, I have been hooked on this song and it has been on replay ever since. It's just so addicting! Instant happiness guaranteed!

2. Rise - Katy Perry. When I'm feeling down this song will just make me so motivated to undertake things again! It gets you up to do whatever you were trying to do before and makes you so energized to finish your goals and dreams.

3. Clay - Grace Van Der Waal. This one doesn't even need an explanation.

4. (My guilty pleasure) Christmas songs.... I know! I know! You don't have to tell me it's way too early for them. Just. I know. Regardless, they're pretty awesome and listening them too early makes them even more fun. It just gets me in such a festive spirit even if it isn't Christmas (yet).

5. The Greatest - Sia. Another one that doesn't really need an explanation. It's just addictive. I don't know why, how or what. It's just addictive, trust me on that one!

Aside from these particular songs I really like to look up fall playlists on Spotify, they're just put together very nicely and perfect for these rainy days.

Have a happy week! Stay safe and don't make stupid decisions,

Monday, October 03, 2016

My autumn/fall essentials

Hi loves,

After a long, awesome summer the weather has cooled down and the leaves have started falling. It is autumn/fall! Personally, I really love the coziness fall represents and sitting inside with some nice candles and a cup of tea. However, I hate fall if I have to go out. I literally despise it so much! Getting drowned in the rain just is not my thing. So here are some necessities to have an awesome time building up to Christmas and new year!

1. Candles, candles candles. Girl, you need candles. They're perfect to give your room a nice glow while the days get darker and they can even be scented very nicely too! But if candles aren't your thing, fairy lights work just as well! Just light up your room ♥

2. waterproof clothing. Now, I know; they are not fashionable at all, look rather stupid and we all hate them equally as much. But especially in climates where it rains a lot, you'll need them. Just invest in some good clothing to stay dry, they don't need to be pretty, just practical. Nothing is worse than getting completely soaked in the morning and being in wet clothes all day. Don't get sick loves, just wear your maybe-not-so-awesome-raining jacket :)

3. Warm drinks. It can be tea, coffee, hot chocolate, anything. Just find something you really enjoy to warm up again in case it gets real cold or you forgot your rain jacket... ;)

4. Books! It might not be for everyone but I really enjoy a good book in the darker days. I love snuggling up with a cup of tea to read a novel and immerse myself in it. Some of my recommendations are: a court of thorns and roses, the lunar chronicles, never let me go, thirteen reasons why, and finally, the book thief.

5. A thoroughly cleaned room. When fall arrives I really like to clean out all the cabinets and closets in my room. Take out the old stuff, clean the shelves, dust off everything. Having a clean room makes being inside a lot more enjoyable as you don't have to look at junk the entire time. (And you'll be ready to decorate for Christmas...)

6. My last fall essential is a notebook. Because of the rainy days, I'm inside a lot more and so I have more time to think about all kinds of stuff, so I like to have a notebook by my side to write my ideas down. This is something I really enjoy personally, but you don't have to. Maybe you just like to think about stuff and forget it again.