Friday, February 28, 2014

Les Mills Bodypump

So I just got back from sporting ♥ and it's not a sport you'd think I am doing...

After playing volleyball, 7 years of dance (which I quit after learning nothing at all), 5 years of gymnastics (same story) and a lot of other tries, I tried Les Mills Bodypump.

To say it right to the point: IT'S AMAZING. It is a form of weightlifting which pushes you to your limits and forms your muscles. It makes you feel strong and boosts your confidence tremendously. And no, I am not using those tinitiny girl weights. Just bring on the ''boyweights'' for me ;). My favourite track is the abs. It sounds weird but I love the feeling of my muscles aching because I pushed them.

So guys, what sports do you do?

xoxo Malin ♥

p.s. I am sorry for not posting a lot today, I had a very busy day with school and stuff. Promise to make it up for you tomorrow!

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